- SINCE 1950 -

Quality in Tradition



- SINCE 1950 -

Quality in Tradition

Our History

Few of Armenia’s exports have garnered an international reputation as great as that of our prized brandy. The secret lies within Armenian Highland.

Perched in the heights of our mountains, and blessed with a sunny climate, Armenian grapes are ideal for brandy production. To qualify as a traditional Armenian cognac, production must employ a unique locally-grown grape variety and natural spring water. This simple method was enough to sway french judges at the International Exhibition in Paris back in 1900 . They not only awarded it the Grand-Prix medal, but also the distinction of being the only brandy outside of France to legally use the term ‘cognac’.

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Armenian cognac has been a favourite of historical figures like Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin.


We were founded in 1950 to preserve and continue the age-old Armenian art of cognac production. The love of farming and a passion for cognac turned this family-owned business into a successful enterprise, exporting artisanal cognacs to Russia and the far reaches of Asia. Our premium quality cognacs are aged to perfection in French-made oak barrels. Modern distillery equipment from France helps us preserve our traditional cognac production with modern quality standards.


To be called an Armenian Cognac, our brandy must be aged for at least 3 to 7 years in traditional oak barrels, like our ancestors have done for centuries. Our premium line of XO brandies is blended from between 10 to 30 different spirits. They are aged from 10 to 33 years. Speaking of oak casks, ours are imported from France,

& mostly local oak barrels. Each new batch of cognac leaves a hint of personality in our barrels for the next one, contributing to our blend’s unique taste and aroma.


Our master blenders use artisanal production and ageing methods to keep the taste of traditional Armenian brandy alive. Our grapes are harvested from a uniquely Armenian variety that only grows in the highest valleys of the Armenian highland.Acquiring tools like Alembic Charente’s, wine is distilled into the brandy spirits with Two distillations. In the factory, for the outdating brandy, the brandy spirits is filled into the oaken barrels, butts. It’s already several years, that all these barrels are placed in the cellars. The secret of creating exceptional drink is the mix of the brandy spirits after the long aging process.


We apply the same time-tested blending technique to all our brandies, from the 3-year-old to the 33-year-old., brandy is then blended again, where much of the

desired aroma and taste is carefully controlled before maturing. After blending with sprint water brandies must ‘rest’ in oak barrels for at least six months, giving them time to acquire its harmony and smoothness.As the old saying goes: “Time is synonymous with quality”. This is certainly true about brandy. The painstaking work of professional cognac makers is instrumental in crafting the perfect aroma and smooth taste.


With years of crafting the perfect brandy under our belts, we decided to enter our first brandy competition in 2001. Our cognac has taken part in a number of exhibitions since then and won its fair share of awards, over 20 medals at the ArmProducts expo, 4 years in a row. Our Brandies had become known for perfection in tradition.






A cognac blend is no better than its youngest eau-de-vie. This cognac’s characteristic taste is marked by 3 years spent maturing in our oak barrel. Every batch is enriched with flavour and personality from the previous year’s.

3 years aged

40% alcohol by volume


X.O. 7

aged with care  to perfection for seven years in our finest oak barrels to form an aromatic experience with a unique taste every time.

7 years aged

40% alcohol by volume


X.O. 17

The three year old ARMAT is a descendant of the first Armenian vintage brandy, created back in 1902. This complex and multi-faceted blend has a light aroma of fresh orange peel and a deep, long taste with hints of caramel and bitter almonds.

17 years aged

40% alcohol by volume



We use only superior quality of organically-grown grapes, and spices unique to the Armenian Highland to craft the crown jewel of Armenian cognac-making tradition. This smooth brandy has been aged to perfection in our reserve caskets for over seventeen years to attain a level of sensory euphoria typical of only the finest cognac blends.

5 years aged

40% alcohol by volume


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